How-to: Have a COVID-safe Valentine’s Day

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COVID has certainly taken a toll on us this past year, and for many of us, both romantic and platonic relationships have taken large hits due to safety measures. But no matter what lies ahead, opting to stay in on Feb. 14 is most likely the safest option. That decision can also have its perks, like using that intimate environment to deepen our relationships. So whether you’re coupled up this Valentine’s Day, have a crush, or want to spend the day celebrating with friends, try one of these at-home ideas this year.

  1. Watch a Valentine’s Day movie. Make some nachos or pop some corn and load up Teleparty (formally Netflix Party). Is romance not your thing, or are you celebrating with friends? Find a movie that with an emphasis on friendship or best resembles your dynamic!
  2. Stream a virtual concert. Take it to the next level with an online concert, such as Wavelength Winter Festival, which is free and open to all ages.
  3. Attend a virtual cocktail class. Create cocktails from the classics to your own concoction with the help of New York-based Liquid Lab! Tickets are typically $30, but if you email them ahead of time, they’re more than willing to accommodate your budget.
  4. Have an at-home trivia night. This works whether you live with your partner or have to Zoom with them or your friends. Just load up Kahoot and choose from their wide selection or take the time to create your own and have it ready for V-Day.
  5. Have (virtual) brunch. This year, V-Day falls on a Sunday, and what are Sundays made for? Brunch! If you live with your partner, have fun whipping up your favourite breakfast dishes together and decorate the table or living room to set the perfect romantic setting. Bonus points if you try making one of these Valentine’s themed recipes. Don’t live with them or want to try with friends? Zoom or Facebook Messenger call them. Don’t forget the mimosas!
  6. Play a game. Whether you’re cozied up and playing Scrabble with your partner or online playing a private match of Among Us, games are the best way to pass the time.
  7. Watch a live comedy show. Nothing says bonding more than sitting around and sharing laughs with those close to you. Check out up-coming virtual shows or skip the live aspect entirely and watch your favourite comedian’s Netflix show.
  8. Use an app to stargaze. Looking up at the sky and enjoying the beauty of the stars with that special someone is the perfect romantic activity. Apps like Night Sky help make all of that easier by showing you what constellations you’re looking at. Trying it out with friends? Then enjoy seeing who can find specific celestial sights first!


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