How-to: Work out in your living room

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It is the new year and many of us have made resolutions. One of the most common resolutions people make year after year is to get in shape or start working out more. But if you hate the gym and love Netflix, this can seem an impossible task to maintain. Until now, because you can do both. At the same time. It’s the dream.

What you’ll need:

A TV or your computer

Enough space to comfortably do jumping jacks, burpees, etc.

Your favourite TV show

A piece of paper and a pen

Workout wear

Begin by watching an episode of your favourite TV show. Take notes on each of the main characters’ common mannerisms or sayings. Choose five to 10 that occur most frequently on the show. Assign an exercise with a specific number of reps to each mannerism or saying. Proceed to watch the next episode of this show, completing the assigned exercise each time it occurs in the episode.






Weights or other home gym equipment — the use of weights will depend on your abilities and if you choose to bring them into your workout (using them for bicep curls etc.). Different equipment can be a great tool and works well with these types of workouts because you can easily tailor them to fit your personal fitness goals. However, equipment is not necessary. Though if you believe adding them in would be of a benefit to you, but don’t have the right resources, a quick hack would be to use any canned goods you have around the house (canned soup, vegetables, fruit, etc.).

New year’s fitness resolutions are difficult to maintain and sometimes you can’t bring yourself to drag your butt to the gym when it’s snowy and cold. So for the days that you feel like staying in, but also want to get some kind of workout in, TV workout games are perfect. They get you up and moving without feeling like you are taking time to workout. Alternatively, if you have no interest in working out in your living room, this can be a great way to create new drinking games with friends. Because, priorities.


Photography by Marina Shenfield.

Marina Shenfield

The Griff


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