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Listen up: Five MacEwan based podcasts you must hear this fall

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Looking for something to binge-listen going into the fall semester? Luckily for you, we at the griff have curated a list of several MacEwan University based podcasts that cover a wide array of subjects for your listening pleasure. Get educated all while supporting our very own talented MacEwan faculty, students, and alumni!

Much like print and online news forums, podcasts are an effective way of relaying useful information to large audiences at once. It’s important to highlight and celebrate the diverse podcasts based at MacEwan.

Without further ado, here are five podcasts you must listen to this fall!

Pass the Mic

This podcast is led by students and graduates of MacEwan’s Bachelor of Child and Youth Care program, with a research-based approach on tackling crucial subjects like identity, intersectionality, racism, sexism, and plenty more.

Not only is Pass the Mic a provocative and educational show for the ears, it calls listeners to question their own biases and the part they may play in grand-scale social issues.

A podcast like this is essential for a university campus, staff and students alike, to be privy to. The topics covered and the conversations had by hosts and guests in Pass the Mic have the ability to serve as a strong catalyst for change and progress in many areas across MacEwan.

In one of the episodes, “Changing the Narrative about Black Identities,” Bridgette Wilson, MacEwan graduate of Child and Youth Care and proud Black mother of two boys, discusses the importance of knowing how to properly work with children who are of different ethnicities. She emphasizes the cruciality of being educated on different cultures and being aware of misconceptions.

What makes this podcast so special is that the hosts gather such diverse perspectives from guests while tying into Child and Youth Care education.

Everyone can learn something new from Pass the Mic, which makes it all the more worth listening to.

Listen to Pass the Mic on Spotify.

Research Recast(ed)

First of all, points won for such a clever name! Get it? ED for Education? Anyways, in all seriousness, this podcast is super underrated and deserves more love. The show is headed into season two after a successful first season last year.

Have you ever wondered what your professor might be studying or researching outside of the classroom? A lot of faculty members at MacEwan are doing some pretty cool stuff outside of teaching us students. Now is your chance to hear what they have been up to!

In each episode, the hosts sit down with a faculty member and discuss their scholarly works. They cover a number of topics based on the scope of their research. These topics range from cinema, business, video games, criminal psychology, activism, health technology, and more. There’s a topic to pique just about anyone’s interest.

The show also features special episodes where they follow up with a previously interviewed faculty member on the progression or results of their research. As former host, Brittany Ekelund, explains in their trailer episode, “If you’re someone who loves to learn, this podcast is for you.” I couldn’t have said it better myself!

This podcast is perfect to listen to on your commute to and from campus and between classes, while you’re not busy doing research of your own of course.

Listen to Research Recast(ed) on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

2 Crees in a Pod

2 Crees in a Pod is an Indigenous-led and created forum that seeks to amplify Indigenous voices in Treaty 6 Territory.

Co-hosts Terri Sunjens and Amber Dion not only cover issues on accessible content for social work classrooms but also place emphasis on Indigenous storytelling, practices, and highlight Indigenous social workers in the community.

In their most recent season, season three, 2 Crees in a Pod focused on the importance of relationships, trauma-informed practices, leadership, colonialism, and much more.

As written in the show description on Spotify, 2 Crees in a Pod exists to “disrupt western colonial systems and honour Indigenous helping practices.”

This podcast is an essential tool for the process of unlearning misconceptions and prejudice while simultaneously discovering more about Indigeous practices, storytelling, and the power of restorative justice.

Listen to 2 Crees in a Pod on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Artful Conversations

With a focus on arts and culture, Artful Conversations is a wonderfully crafted podcast that explores leadership in the arts community in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

In the episodes, the hosts examine trends and obstacles within the arts and culture field by speaking with seasoned professionals, like Carolyn Jervis, who is the founding director and curator of the John and Maggie Mitchell Art Gallery.

In 2016, Annetta Latham and her team set out to curate Artful Conversations in hopes of creating awareness and conversations around arts and cultural management in Canada and around the globe.

If you are someone who is interested in the arts and culture scene in Edmonton and are eager to learn more about all of the happenings like festivals, community art projects, public art
installations, and other local cultural developments, then this podcast is right up your alley.

Listen to Artful Conversations on Spotify

Orlando: A Podcast on Women’s Writing

This podcast is a branch of The Orlando Project which is a digital femisist humanities initiative. The show aims to evoke conversation around women writers and women’s written works of all kinds.

Based in MacEwan University and the University of Calgary, their team of literary historians work to explore the lives and works of women in writing dating all the way back to the medieval period.

The podcast brings to light the intersectionality of both queer women and women of colour writers, and challenges the political and social climate brought to these trailblazers.

As heard in the episode about writer Bola Agbaje, the show also features women writers of our present day, celebrating and highlighting their career achievements, obstacles, and inspirations.

Listen to Orlando on Spotify.

Aajah Sauter

The Griff


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