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MacEwan-made funk takes over The Needle

by | Jan 24, 2017 | Events | 0 comments

The walls of The Needle Vinyl Tavern pulsed with the heartbeat of funk music on Jan. 20, when Carter & the Capitals performed to celebrate the release of their newest single “Get Down.

The group came together two years ago in the classrooms of the CFAC building during the band members’ second year in the Bachelor of Music program, and their careers have been on a steady incline ever since.

The members come from diverse musical backgrounds, and together they produce a funk/soul sound that is impossible to ignore. The release of “Get Down” follows the success of their sexy, slow-burn single “Take You for a Ride”, released in the fall of 2016.

Get Down offers a sound that is the product of the group’s attention to classic funk, which produced a punchy single that pays tribute to the origins of the genre while adding a modern twist.

“For us, it’s a showcase of the work we put into listening to all the nuances and subtleties of older funk music,” said frontman Lindon Carter. “We ended up actually stripping a lot down to make it more simplified, just showing that we understand the important subtleties of classic funk music.”

The show was kicked off by The Torchettes, a duo hailing from Calgary. Although it was the group’s first time performing in Edmonton, they were welcomed with open arms. They warmed the crowd up with a set that was filled to the brim with classic rock and soul music, adding their own personal flare that definitely left  a lasting impression.

Photo by Barnaba Siwila.

The tavern was buzzing with anticipation when Carter & the Capitals hit the stage, opening with “Guilty”, which had everyone on their feet and dancing right out of the gate. The band brought an energy to the stage that truly set them apart from other artists, which Carter said is a product of the group’s love for the music they’re playing.

“It’s definitely a genuine thing,” he said. “The energy just comes out of genuinely enjoying what we’re doing.”

After warming up with a few of their earlier songs, the band busted out their new single. The crowd sang along, which was an obvious indicator of the group’s strong fan base in their hometown, and something that Carter said the band truly appreciates.

“We know how to bring the energy up and get the audience that maybe doesn’t know us,” said Carter. “But what I’m excited about for tonight is showing up and having people that know what we’re all about.”

After the group closed the show with an unforgettable encore that included a one-of-a-kind cover of Childish Gambino’s “Redbone”, concert-goer Ben Hollihan had nothing but positive things to say about the show as the crowd slowly trickled out of the venue.

“That was arguably one of the best shows I’ve ever been to,” said Hollihan. “They tell you what they want you to do, get down! And people listened, it was fantastic.”

Following what is sure to be the successful release of “Get Down”, the group will be filming a music video for the single in the near future while they prepare to graduate in the spring.

For those who missed the single release party, Carter & the Capitals will be headlining The Rec Room on Saturday, Feb. 25.\

Cover photo by Barnaba Siwila.

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