Students march to kick off Pride Week

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Excitement rang through the halls as students and faculty marched through the university to kickstart MacEwan University’s fourth annual Pride Week. On the morning of Monday, March 2 around noon, the Pride March brought together students and faculty members to support the LGBTQ2S+ community and allies.

The march started at MacEwan Residence and ended in Building 6 where participants could take part in a resource fair. At the fair, students could meet MacEwan LGBTQ2S+ and allied groups and learn about community resources. These events were just the beginning of a fun-filled week of celebrating MacEwan’s Pride. There were events ranging from a human library, Pride Olympics, and a drag show. MacEwan encouraged any LGBTQ2S+ and allied individuals to take part in Pride Week and enjoy the celebration of diversity.

Pride Week is a perfect way to raise awareness for the LGBTQ2S+ community and it creates a safe environment for students to express who they are. Em Bussieres, Vice President of InQueeries (a student group on campus which strives to create a safe space for Gender, Sexuality and Romantic Minorities), explains what Pride Week does for the LGBTQ2S+ community,

“It shows MacEwan is not afraid to show that they support LGBTQ2S+ people and that they’re also willing to put in the effort and work to make it a welcoming place for students,” said Bussieres.

To understand what Pride means to the community, it is important to get perspectives directly from the source. Jeanette Sabourin, President of Inqueeries, described what Pride Week meant to her.

“Pride Week to me is an opportunity to not only be tolerated but celebrated. The great thing about pride is that everyone is out, everyone is showing their colours, and everyone is celebrating. It’s more than just ‘we exist’ it’s ‘we’re happy we’re us,’” explained Sabourin.

Pride Week is an important celebration of diversity that tears down the walls of discrimination and brings forth an opportunity for inclusivity.

This year’s Pride Week is the biggest and most exciting it has ever been, but Sabourin and Bussieres are both anticipating the future of Pride Week and the potential of what it can become.

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