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Summer’s street food season

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It’s that time of year when Edmonton’s food trucks are starting to make their way out onto the streets, providing us with all the tasty summer food and drinks we love. If you’re looking for somewhere to grab a delicious bite while enjoying the sun, here are four noteworthy YEG food trucks you should definitely line up for.

Drift Food Truck

This truck actually operates all year round, so if you try it and fall in love with the food, you can look for it in the Shamrock Curling Club during the winter months. Drift came to be after owners Nevin and Kara Fenske visited Portland, Oregon and felt inspired by the trucks and trailers there. They serve up a delicious menu that features crave-worthy food like pork belly and buttermilk fried chicken sandwiches. People love the product so much, Drift sells their ketchup, Aji sauce, spice, and pickled goods at their truck, concession, and certain shops in Edmonton; check out their website for where you can find them. During the summer, the truck can be found operating on various days in various locations, so follow their Instagram to stay up to date about where their truck, nicknamed ‘Drifty,’ will be. Or book them for your own special event.

“You are always in a different venue, serving different groups of people. From corporate lunches to music festivals, baby showers to parks. It never gets boring,” says Kara Fenske. “We were one of the first curbside food trucks in the city, so we were unique in that sense. Over the years, the mobile food industry has grown, and we are still here, so I do think that we have created a unique brand that stands out.”

Bully Food Truck Inc.

With the slogan “give me your lunch money,” this food truck is the bully on the block that takes your cash, but promises to give you some really good food in return. The truck started up around 10 years ago and has been serving up delicious meals since, with a menu that owner and executive chef Dean Gossen says changes every three days when they’re on the streets. Some of their fan favourites include Mac n’ Cheese, their Philly Beef, and their Beef Cracklin’ Burger. Due to COVID-19, Bully has been limited to food truck drive-thrus and catering, but Gossen says they hope to soon get back to their regular spot in the downtown area.

“We try to satisfy everybody’s needs when we go out,” says Gossen. “Bully Food Truck is not just a food truck, we’re a complete catering business as well — that’s our big thing, the truck is more for fun.”


CURBSIDE serves up delicious food inspired by Texas BBQ, French classics, Kauian beach food, and Portland-inspired cart fare. There’s something for everyone on their menu, from brisket to a grilled brie sandwich and fish tacos, you can’t go wrong. The food truck is the mobile extension of one of Edmonton’s top catering companies, A Cappella Catering, which has been operating for nearly 30 years.

“A couple years ago we wanted to become more mobile and offer the hottest, freshest food all around town and during festival season. A food truck seemed like a really great fit,” says operating partner, Kim Mahoney. “CURBSIDE is a state-of-the-art kitchen on wheels, and we’re able to serve 120-130 meals per hour! We keep our menu pretty simple with handheld sandwiches like our Austin Brisket, which we smoke for 12 hours, and our beer battered ‘Tacofishous’ Fish Tacos. The best part — you get an entree and two sides for under $15!”

MishMash Parfait

If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth or that constant summer craving for ice cream, make sure you try out MishMash Parfait’s ice cream truck. The truck comes from Edmonton’s popular rolled ice cream truck, Scoop n Roll, but offers a fresh take on the sweet treat with parfait and soft serve ice cream under delicious toppings and sauces. Although only in its second season, the ice cream is quite a hit. The truck can typically be found in the Kingsway Parking lot from 2-9 p.m. and is a must-try on a warm summer day. Or any day, really. 

“We wanted to bring something different and unique to Edmonton Streets. Both Scoop n Roll and MishMash Parfait have been a destination for Edmontonians and our community members to get together and enjoy a treat,” says Andrew Rafeh, owner and operator of MishMash. “We enjoy the interaction with our fellow Edmontonians and aim to put a smile on our customers’ faces.” He says it has become almost like tradition now to have the truck out on Edmonton streets, and for that they are grateful. “We have so much pride to be part of and to serve this great community.” 

If you want to find these trucks and where they’re parked selling their flavourful food, or if you want to see some of the other Edmonton food trucks near you, make sure you check out the Street Food App. The app gives the location and hours of various food trucks for the week, so you can find something available right away or plan ahead to grab something on the weekend. And check each truck’s social media for more information on each menu, hours, and locations. Happy food truck season, Edmonton! 

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