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Club Q+A

Acupuncture Awareness Society

Can you tell me a little bit about the club, please? Kary Chen: So the Acupuncture Awareness Society used to be named Acupuncture Wellness Movement. It used to be a club/grad committee. Now we want to promote acupuncture and its benefits.

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Mental health is a journey, not a destination

As exam time rapidly approaches and we prepare to say goodbye to yet another semester, it’s easy to understand the rising level of stress and anxiety. Students, for the most part, put everything they have into these formative years where

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Food for thought

These days our diet seems to be all we hear about. It’s one of our society’s main concerns and we are bombarded daily by the dos and don’ts and the never-ending list of diets that we must try. The health

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MacEwan University’s PASS Program

The Physical Activity for Student Success (PASS) Program helps bridge the gap between mental and physical wellness. The goal of the program, according to MacEwan University Sport and Wellness’ informational brochure, is to use physical activity as a coping strategy

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The future of mental health in Alberta post-secondary

Mental health funding for post-secondary institutions is a crucial part of creating healthy environments for students. However, as the three-year pilot program from the government of Alberta comes to an end, institutions across the province are apprehensive about the future

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Obsessed with clean living

Chances are, you or someone you know has tried some sort of alternative diet. According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, 39 per cent of Canadians have tried a diet which restricts certain foods or food groups. Maybe you thought

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Stretch it out

Between going to class, writing essays, and watching Netflix, students spend a lot of time sitting down. Plus, let’s be honest: many of us are not practicing great posture. All this hunched sitting can result in stiff joints and achey

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