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Study spot

Café Culture

SQUARE 1 CAFÉ Approaching the Aspen Gardens location of Square 1 Coffee, at 15 Fairway Dr. NW, one’s expectations might not amount to much — on the outside, the building which houses the café is not terribly big and seems rather

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Club Q+A

Acupuncture Awareness Society

Can you tell me a little bit about the club, please? Kary Chen: So the Acupuncture Awareness Society used to be named Acupuncture Wellness Movement. It used to be a club/grad committee. Now we want to promote acupuncture and its benefits.

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How-to: Meditate

As modern humans, our days are overloaded with stimulation. Notifications vibrating our pockets every couple minutes, Facebook updating us on the relationship statuses of ex-partners, constant updates on the news of war and gore. How are we supposed to catch

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Club Q+A

STUDENT GROUP Q + A: Marketing Club

Okay, so, first of all, what are your guys’ names? And what are your positions in this student group? Ben Windsor: I’m Ben. I’m the president of the club. Aly Pineda: I’m Aly. I’m the vice-president of the club. Did you guys start

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Witchery Market

Just off of Edmonton’s artistic Whyte Ave is the Acacia Hall, the venue for the Witchery Market. It all started with a witch and a faerie wanting a place for people to come.  “Here is a story about The Witch

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Gearing up for bicycle commuting

Keeping your bike running is fairly simple. Bi-weekly chain lubrication and checks are essentially all that are needed to keep a bike in working order, but there are some essential items you should pick up in order to make your

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