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Do we really need six more superheroes​​?

A gruesome birth on the edge of an indoor pool, an English narrator, seven special children, and we have yet another superhero TV show. Where previous superhero movies fulfil your secret superhero dreams, The Umbrella Academy depicts their hard lives.

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Going viral

It’s been quite a month for students at MacEwan University.  Though the COVID-19 outbreak had been on the public’s radar since January, it wasn’t until mid-March that MacEwan began making official statements about the pandemic. Since then, face-to-face classes have

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Sharks and phish

Online security has become a bit of a hot topic as of late. In the digital age, with digital citizens and digital identities, it makes sense that personal security would evolve with our technology. Big data companies, like Facebook and

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The slippery slope of remaining anonymous online

It’s that time of year again. SAMU elections have just ended, and hopeful new executives look forward to a year of representing student interests. During the voting period, in response to our campuses being plastered with the smiling faces of

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