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This is not science fiction… it’s happening now

Edward Snowden abandoned his six-figure salary, his house in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, and the love of his life. This was all in order to expose the dark truth about global surveillance programs. “I had a comfortable life,” Snowden

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Their rightful voice

When people think about a transgender individual’s transition, they often think about the physical aspects. Clothing, hair, hormones, and even surgery in some cases are all changes that can be seen as someone redefines themself. But one crucial factor that

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“I was just a weather nerd”

A large crowd gathered in a University of Alberta lecture hall on Nov. 8 to listen to one of Canada’s greatest explorers: George Kourounis. His presentation, titled “Images of Climate Change,” was put on by the City of Edmonton, MacEwan

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Battle of the campus pubs

When it comes to school rivalries, Edmontonians are likely to think of MacEwan University and University of Alberta. Granted, a fair portion of the derision is meant in jest, and a significant amount probably comes from fresh-faced kids straight out

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Griffins men’s basketball team battles U of A Golden Bears

It was an emotional rollercoaster for MacEwan University’s Griffins men’s basketball team over the weekend. Despite leading late in the third quarter in all three games, the Griffins could only pull one win, losing their first CIS playoff matchup against

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