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The winter coffee roundup

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In Edmonton, we have many local alchemists of beans and water who are masters of their craft. They shepherd the secrets of an age-old tradition combined with modern innovations and deliver it right to the communities of Edmonton.

We ventured out to discover the very best of what these community coffee makers had to offer and compiled our favourites so that you may try a bit of this magic too. Without further ado, here are the top 10 coffee shops we highly suggest you visit soon! 

Brew and Bloom | 10550 115 St. NW

Among some of the most instagrammable cafes in the city, Brew and Bloom is an Edmonton-based company that is not just a pretty-in-pink cafe, but also sells and delivers a variety of gorgeous floral arrangements. The atmosphere is quite romantic and vibrant. According to their website,, Brew and Bloom’s philosophy is to “raise vibrational energy through flora,” which is why they infuse all of their food, drinks, and other products, such as gifts, with floral essence. Brew and Bloom has a very impressive drink menu ranging from artisanal cocktails to specialty caffeinated beverages. Aajah’s favourite drink is the cinnamon bun latte from their seasonal menu. I appreciated how they incorporated cream cheese into this beverage to emulate the cream cheese frosting one would typically have on a cinnamon bun. It is a MUST try! They are open late on Fridays and Saturdays, making it the perfect place to unwind on the weekend. IG: @brewandbloom

Lock Stock Coffee | 10534 Jasper Avenue NW

Lock Stock coffee is an espresso bar that offers house-made pastries, sandwiches, and quality coffee. I thoroughly enjoyed the iced macchiato — yes, I will still order iced beverages in -30 degree weather, don’t judge me —  it was creamy and simple, yet delicious. Lock Stock has a warm and inviting environment offering a bunch of seating. It is a perfect place to study, being a peaceful safe haven and a sure spot to keep you calm and cool during the rush of the upcoming exam season. IG: @lockstockcoffee

Dirtbag Cafe | 10505 107 St.

Contrary to its name, Dirtbag Cafe is quite pleasant! This cafe is located close to MacEwan University, sitting right behind Building 7 on 105 Ave. It shares a space with Boulders Climbing Gym, so if you’re an avid climber yourself, this might be an ideal spot for you to get your coffee buzz. On top of a variety of comforting caffeinated beverages to choose from, Dirtbag Cafe also sells smoothies and some hearty food options perfect for your health kick needs. The cafe can become quite busy during peak climbing hours, so it may not be the best study spot. Not to worry, it’s still a great place to grab a cappuccino after a long day of classes to kick back and hang out. IG: @dirtbagcafe

Bean Around The World | 10510 111 St.

This hidden gem of a cafe with the cutest name ever is located right behind Allard Hall (Building 11) and is open Monday through Friday until 5 p.m. making it an ideal spot to study. According to their website, the chain has been around since the ‘90s and while they are not exactly local — having 22 other locations in British Columbia —  this is the sole location in Edmonton! Bean Around The World has some adorable swings that face the window so you can enjoy your favourite beverage while nurturing your inner child! This cafe is a go-to spot for an after-class pick-me-up, and the preferred beverage will always order their white mocha, cold or hot. Need a break from studying at the MacEwan Library? Bean Around The World is just a hop, skip, and a jump away! IG: @batwcoffee

Roasti Coffee Company | 10546 82 Ave

As one barista who wished to remain anonymous explained, the mission at Roasti is to introduce Edmonton to more fun and innovative types of coffee. We found this ethos is best explored by taking to their pour-over menu which allows the customer to select from many choices of Roasti’s eccentric beans. Something about the dark golden colour of the Sumatra as it poured into the glass inspired us to drink it black. This allowed the light and fruity qualities of this blend to sparkle and in turn, allowed us to understand why Roasti approaches coffee the way they do. 

IG: @roasticoffeeco

The Grizzlar Coffee & Records | 10557 109 St.

Known as Edmonton’s sustainable coffee roasters and open every day 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Grizzlar Coffee and Records sells a number of high-calibre coffee beverages as well as their own packaged beans and tea leaves, making it convenient for their customers to make their go-to Grizzlar drink from home. This coffee shop has an alternative vibe and makes anyone who walks in feel cool as heck! They also sell fresh donuts which seem to be a customer favourite. IG: @thegrizzlar

Transcend Coffee | 8708 – 109 St. or 9570 76 Avenue NW

The craft of the roaster and the barista works as a cohesive unit at Transcend; balancing specialty drinks such as the seasonal orange mocha with the right choice of bean. The peak of this cohesive execution of espresso is the cappuccino, as it showcases all the qualities of a unique roast that is brought to life by steamed whole milk and topped with lovely floral foam art. 

IG: @transcendcoffee

Ace Coffee Roasters | 10055 80 Ave NW 

Ace Coffee Roasters is a modern cafe dedicated to the high-pressure extraction of fantastic coffee. According to one roaster, all beans that are roasted by Ace are designed with this goal in mind in order to make the perfect espresso. Modern techniques and state-of-the-art equipment all went into making a great cappuccino with a more traditional but heightened flavour that demanded to try a shot of espresso in isolation as well. With slightly limited options but a stable lineup of choices Ace is great for bean fanatics seeking more standard but high-quality roasts. IG: @acecoffeeroasters

Caffè Sole | 9911 72 Ave NW

Chocolate sourced directly from Mexican artisans to the family-owned café is blended to ensure a homogenous solution before being further shaken, not stirred, and then infused with coffee. The result is a liquid silk mocha that is smoother than satin. According to the owner, Jerson, Caffè Sole serves up the only authentic pre-hispanic drinks outside of Mexico, delicate churros, and a great variety of teas, sandwiches, and other beverages. IG: @solecoffee

Block 1912 | 10361 82 Ave NW

In the bleakness of our omicron winter, Block 1912 remains very warm, inviting, and filled with life. Similar qualities of coziness and comfort can be found across their broad menu of exquisite tiramisus, boozy teas, and delicious coffee. One favorite item is the vanilla latte with its toasted marshmallow-like qualities and frothy foam. Ever popular with many cheerful customers, Block 1912 is still one of Whyte Avenue’s premier procurers of immaculate vibes and comforting drinks. IG: @block1912

Image credit: Liam Newbigging

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