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Where do they stand?

by | Oct 18, 2015 | Politics | 0 comments

As the Oct. 19 deadline to cast your vote approaches, many voters are reminded of one of the most frustrating parts of a federal election: candidates vomiting vague statements with the hope of gaining votes.

Sometimes it’s difficult to get past the spoken rhetoric and into the party platforms. Luckily, your friends at the griff  have gathered the important things in four party platforms — relating to students, anyway — to help you make a decision about which party to vote for (if you haven’t already voted in advance polls).

To keep this as concise and fair as possible, we’ve narrowed down the bullet points to some of the main student-related pieces of their platforms. We’ve compiled this list entirely from party platforms, and we have left all wording intact.

Parties in alphabetical order:

The Conservatives

The Green Party

The Liberals


All statements are taken from the following party platform websites:,,,

Photo by carnagenyc, Flickr Creative Commons.

Kyle Muzyka

The Griff


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