Sunday 29th March 2015,
the griff
  • This photo pretty much summed up the post-season for the Griffins, who couldn’t solve the Huskies. Photo by Kyle Muzyka/ the griff

    Season wrap-up: men’s hockey

    The MacEwan Griffins men’s hockey team ended their stint in the Alberta College Athletic Conference (ACAC) playoffs following a 2-0 loss to the Keyano College Huskies in the third quarterfinal game in the series on

  • Bees are good for the environment, community and life. Photo by Moosicorn Ranch/ Flickr Creative Commons

    City considers urban beekeeping

    Bees, contrary to popular belief, are not vicious creatures. They do not attack in droves unless they are feeling threatened. Even then, they exhibit several warning signs before they resort to stinging. For the most

  • MacEwan International helps students study abroad - photo by Merrimack College/ Flickr Creative Commons

    Opportunity through studying abroad

    MacEwan International has been providing students with the opportunity to breach borders for several years now, and seeks to provide students with the experience required to make them contributing members of the world community.

  • The sports editor still cannot believe he took this photo on Friday night at Edmonton’s first of (hopefully) many Red Bull Crashed Ice events. Photo by Kyle Muzyka/ the griff

    Competing for the thrill of it

    As Dennis continues his university career, Crashed Ice will always be firmly in the back of his mind, and the continual desire to improve will be nestled right beside it.

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Alex Ramirez from Apache Tomcat, Trevor Mann from Scenic Route to Alaska, and Matt Farley from Motern Media, all of whom have radically different models and ideas about money and music. [...]

Abbi and Ilana - illustration by Kate Lemke/ the griff
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A column dedicated to a day in the life of some of TV’s favourite characters. This week, Danika McConnell and Harley Burland write from the perspective of Ilanna and Abbi from Broad City. [...]

Likes, retweets and shares are an addiction - photo by MissPixels/ Flickr Creative Commons
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We are living in an age where we are “liking,” “retweeting,” and “sharing” too casually. The reason is because the gamified aspect of social media is so addicting. We feel compelled to let people know [...]

Without Kyle Lowry, the Toronto Raptors may not have been able to clinch a playoff spot. Photo supplied by Philadelphia 76ers/ Flickr Creative Commons
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Two seasons ago, the Toronto Raptors finished with a record of 34-48, good for last in the Atlantic Division. Kyle Lowry was a part of that team, albeit not a big part. [...]

Madison Porisky digs the ball on defence. She was 49th in the entire league in digs this season. Photo by Chris Piggott/ MacEwan Athletics

Waving goodbye

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Hot Dogs - photo by National Cancer Institute/ WIkimedia commons
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Closing time was in half an hour and Jason Cardwell only had five hotdogs left and about as many smokies. The break between classes was over and only a few students were still hanging out, [...]