Tuesday 25th November 2014,
the griff
  • Red Deer goaltender Kraymer Barnstable temporarily loses sight of the puck on a key offensive opportunity for the Griffins. - Photo by Paul Gazzola/ the griff

    Back to their winning ways

    Tis the season of success so far, as MacEwan men’s hockey continue compiling victories both at home and on the road. The Griffins now sit third in the Alberta Collegiate Athletic Conference, surpassing the Augustana

  • Robin Mazumder has been recognized for implementing SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lamps in Edmonton’s Stanley A. Milner Library and for his work with people with disabilities and mental health problems. - Photo supplied by Brett Davis/ Flick Creative Commons

    Robin Mazumder bringing light to the season

    MacEwan University sessional instructor Robin Mazumder has been chosen as one of Avenue Magazine’s “Top 40 Under 40” for 2014. He has been recognized for implementing SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lamps in Edmonton’s Stanley A. Milner

  • Students protesting market modifiers that could see major increases in tuition prices - photo by Marc W. Kitteringham/ the griff

    Students take to the streets

    University students from MacEwan, University of Alberta, Mount Royal, University of Calgary and University of Lethbridge marched to the steps of the legislature to protest market modifiers in tuition. There were almost 300 students and

  • Charlotte Nesbitt did an internship at Facebook - photo supplied

    How to fall off a bus at Facebook

    “Facebook is bigger than the reality of Facebook … it’s this crazy, otherworldly thing … you get there and it’s a company just like anything else," explained Nesbitt. "It was an interesting adjustment. [Facebook] is

Studying abroad - photo supplied by Nietnagel/ Flickr Creative Commons
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“I certainly am the novelty and the token ‘polite Canadian,’” says Celia McGhan, a third-year communications student from MacEwan currently studying abroad in England. [...]

Annalise Keating - illustration by Max Atchison/ the griff
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griff writer Parvin Sedighi writes from the perspective of Professor Annalise Keating from ABC’S How To Get Away With Murder A long day doesn’t begin to cover what today was. The first years are so daft [...]

Denizen Hall is Edmonton's first barcade - photo by Stephan Boissonneault/ the griff

Denizen Hall

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Sleeping in Traffic will be performing their debut show at Brixx Bar and Grill - photo supplied

Sleeping in traffic

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Bryan Coffey will be performing at the SAMU musical showcase - photo by Adam Bodreau

SAMU Musical Showcase

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Oil prices determine economic viability - coic by Josh Derose
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This drop in oil price has actually led the U.S. to slow its production. According to a July 4 article in Bloomberg, the U.S. is the leader in oil production, passing the huge oil fields [...]

The MacEwan Griffin's women as lead by Dean Cordeiro - photo supplied by Griffins Athletics
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There's something that can be said about the way Dean Cordeiro and his women's soccer team handled themselves throughout the short season. The reigning Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association national champions weren't to be taken lightly [...]

The Black Dog bouncers have their fair share of altercations - photo supplied by Kurt Bauschardt/ Flickr Creative Commons.
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Every night he stands guard, the 43-year-old, 6’4" security veteran has to face an array of situations. Drunkards could start hurling unfinished drinks at the dartboard. A man could partake in a cigarette puff even [...]

Exam season brings more stress than anything else. Ever. - photo by Perrimoon/ Flickr Creative Commons

Subduing stress during exams

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griff Halloween costumes

Halloween: Where the superstitions come from

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The three sour beers sampled that fateful night - photo supplied by Daren Zomerman/ the griff.

Beer Issue: Sour beers are weird

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