Wednesday 03rd September 2014,
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Carrot Project photo supplied by E4C
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Meadow Creek Farms has paired up with E4C for The Carrot Project, aiming to raise money for E4C’s Snack Program, which offers wholesome breakfasts for students in 23 Edmonton elementary scho [...]

Photo by Danika McConnell/ the griff
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here will never be another fashion staple as enduring and badass as the leather jacket. There’s no argument or room for discussion. From mandatory military wear, patched motorcycle gangs and punk-rockers, it jumps from one [...]

Jennifer Linford/ the griff.

The grief: Reviewing a book by its cover

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Barriers buy time for people contemplating suicide, but do they solve the problem? Photo by Marc W. Kitteringham/ the griff
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Of course, I am behind any measures to reduce suicide rates, but I wonder about the effectiveness of barriers in that goal. According an expert opinion from the Institute of Health Economics, which was cited [...]

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The Griefcast

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Some NCAA football players will be getting paid this season  after it was  determined that some teams were worth over $100 million. Will the CHL follow suit? Photo by John Pavliga/ Flikr creative commons
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Where does all the money that these franchises are reportedly worth go? That’s unclear, though the money definitely does not go into the players’ pockets. [...]

A heavy hauler truck with a load of oil sand in its shovel passes a surveyor truck at Suncor Energy's Millenium mine. — Photo by Kevin Pennyfeather/ the griff
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Outside of a municipality with an official population of just 76,000, Suncor Energy runs one of the many oil sands operations in northern Alberta that powers a population much larger. With its first plant on [...]

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Top 4 enduring Canadian PSAs

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