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Day: February 2, 2017


Questioning our students’ association

From making policy to tackling student issues to voting on multi-million dollar decisions, the role of a student councillor is no joke. Many students, however, may be unaware of the impact councillors have on their experiences at MacEwan University. The

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To be gay, Catholic, and a woman

A few months ago, I was watching an episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. I was entertained, as usual. Then, Oliver started discussing Donald Trump’s comedy flop at a Catholic charity event. I tensed up. Please don’t do

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Who said work can’t be a party?

With an ascent in the music scene that’s been remarkably fast, Canadian rock band Arkells have slowly but surely carved out a place for themselves in the hearts of listeners and critics alike. Arkells will be returning to Edmonton on

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Together under one roof

For years, MacEwan University students who wished to pursue fine arts or communications studies were relegated to an unwieldy orange building in Edmonton’s west end. Eventually, the communications studies people jumped ship to City Centre Campus (CCC), but the fine

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Where’s the beef?

Beef production is something that many Albertans pride themselves on. With many people being personally connected to farming communities, it is an important factor in our lifestyle for both personal and economic reasons. It is so crucial to our identity

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Sharks and phish

Online security has become a bit of a hot topic as of late. In the digital age, with digital citizens and digital identities, it makes sense that personal security would evolve with our technology. Big data companies, like Facebook and

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Making the most of reading week

Some students get to take off on global adventures during reading week, but not all of us are so lucky. If you’re facing the upcoming break with a tight budget and no opportunity to get out of the city, fear

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Everybody’s a critic

The position of the trusted tastemaker in deciding whether films are quality material or mindless drivel is one that is slowly but surely collapsing across the board. Or rather, it’s the position of the sole tastemaker that is becoming muted

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