Day: January 8, 2018
PeopleCourtney Bettin

Their rightful voice

When people think about a transgender individual’s transition, they often think about the physical aspects. Clothing, hair, hormones, and even surgery in some cases are all changes that can be seen as someone redefines themself. But one crucial factor that is often...

CultureSydney Upright

Celebrating a fresh start

For most of us, Jan. 1 is warmly embraced with champagne, glitter, and a long list of resolutions. Our boisterous New Year’s Eve celebrations are (usually) followed by a day spent in bed, eating fast food, and attempting to cure the hangover induced by our...

CampusKateryna Didukh

Club Q+A: Economics Club

When did you decide to start the Economics Club? Sean Thomas: The club started two years ago, but it was very preliminary, and we only had one speaker event. A lot of us had the same class together on economic issues, and we got excited about this idea. How was the...

FoodMarina Shenfield

Recipe: Homemade perogies

The first thing you need to know about making perogies is that you can’t make them alone. Whether you decide to make them for Ukrainian Christmas, Easter, or any other fun occasion, they seem to turn out best when made by many hands and infused with amiable...

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