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Day: January 8, 2018

Letterkenny: The new face of Canadian Media

It’s well established that America has a firm monopoly on the world’s media and, because of that, controls a lot of what the world sees, hears, and thinks. It would be difficult to find someone who doesn’t know Hollywood as

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Their rightful voice

When people think about a transgender individual’s transition, they often think about the physical aspects. Clothing, hair, hormones, and even surgery in some cases are all changes that can be seen as someone redefines themself. But one crucial factor that

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Celebrating a fresh start

For most of us, Jan. 1 is warmly embraced with champagne, glitter, and a long list of resolutions. Our boisterous New Year’s Eve celebrations are (usually) followed by a day spent in bed, eating fast food, and attempting to cure

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How-to: Stick to your New Year’s resolution

It’s time to get real about New Year’s resolutions: they’re an absolute pain! And if you want to overcome that and be successful, you’ll need a fuel source far more powerful than willpower or discipline alone. Self-improvement, or at least

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Club Q+A: Economics Club

When did you decide to start the Economics Club? Sean Thomas: The club started two years ago, but it was very preliminary, and we only had one speaker event. A lot of us had the same class together on economic

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Recipe: Homemade perogies

The first thing you need to know about making perogies is that you can’t make them alone. Whether you decide to make them for Ukrainian Christmas, Easter, or any other fun occasion, they seem to turn out best when made

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Date night: Trade in your routine for a trampoline

LaunchPad Trampoline Park has everything I look for when I want to try something exciting and new with friends or a date. Trampolining is fun, affordable, active, and provides a welcome change from the tired combo of dinner and a

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Study spot: Iconoclast Coffee Roaster

Finding a good place to study can be difficult, but Iconoclast Coffee Roaster offers a great way to change up your study routine and caffeinate in the process. Located behind Oliver Square, Iconoclast showcases an open space that’s great for

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Next generation First Nations

“It’s actually been 20 years since I first stepped foot in this university,” says Shianne McDermott, reflecting on the journey that led her to MacEwan University from Saddle Lake, the First Nations reserve where she spent most of her time

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