Club Q+A
Club Q+ADevyn Ens

Club Q+A: InQueeries

What is the history of the club? Mitchell Norenberg: It’s actually one of the oldest clubs at MacEwan. It kind of morphed out of the Open Doors Club, which itself was formed in 2000, and then around 2010 it was somehow morphed into InQueeries. We are the campus’...

Club Q+ADevyn Ens

Club Q+A: MacEwan Human Resources

How long has the club been around? Brianna Madron: We’re MHRC right now, the MacEwan Human Resources Club. We used to be called HRMSS (Human Resources Management Student Society), and that started I believe five years ago-ish. Then we rebranded to MHRC around two...

Club Q+AIshita Verma

Club Q+A: MacEwan ASL

American Sign Language (ASL) serves as the predominant language used in the deaf community in North America. Within Canada, the two main sign languages are ASL and Langue des signes québécoise (LSQ), used in Quebec. ASL in Canada also differs regionally. With a few...

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