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Category: Culture

When #MeToo happens to you

Me too. Most of us have come across this simple yet powerful phrase in the past few months. Founded by activist Tarana Burke 10 years ago and having gone viral in 2017, after American actress Alyssa Milano called on survivors

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Retrofile looks to take over Edmonton

With a sound reminiscent of ‘80s rock, Retrofile is on a mission to change pop music. The Edmonton band creates songs filled with awesome synths, backed by cool electronic sounds and filled with catchy hooks.   Inspired by artists such

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Final Thoughts: Video games aren’t niche anymore

Do you know what Shaquille O’Neal and Jennifer Lopez have in common?  They are both listed as investors and advisors for the e-sports team NRG. In 2017, according to a study by SuperData, video games and interactive media generated over

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Edmonton’s electronic boom

Did you know that if you search “festival city of Canada” in Google, the results are about Edmonton? Those who live in the city may not see it as a party destination, but Edmonton is actually a cultural hot spot

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Valentine’s Day, then and now

Valentine’s Day. Whether you love it or hate it, it is one of the busiest holidays of the year. People in relationships spend exorbitant amounts of money on treats and trinkets for their loved ones, and the best restaurants in

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Letterkenny: The new face of Canadian Media

It’s well established that America has a firm monopoly on the world’s media and, because of that, controls a lot of what the world sees, hears, and thinks. It would be difficult to find someone who doesn’t know Hollywood as

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Celebrating a fresh start

For most of us, Jan. 1 is warmly embraced with champagne, glitter, and a long list of resolutions. Our boisterous New Year’s Eve celebrations are (usually) followed by a day spent in bed, eating fast food, and attempting to cure

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Next generation First Nations

“It’s actually been 20 years since I first stepped foot in this university,” says Shianne McDermott, reflecting on the journey that led her to MacEwan University from Saddle Lake, the First Nations reserve where she spent most of her time

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Sexual identity and the Muslim faith

Over the last weekend of September, MacEwan University’s City Centre Campus hosted its first ever LGBTQ+ Muslims and Islam Conference. While initial reactions to the idea of the conference were mixed, turnout was substantial and sessions ran smoothly. Junaid Jahangir,

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Keeping it close to home

Alberta is often recognized for its prairies and rolling Rocky Mountains. The mix of smooth and jagged landscapes allows artists to draw inspiration from the place so many of us call home. Who doesn’t love a friendly reminder of Alberta’s

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