OpinionsReviewJason Husak

Review: Andor

Warning: this review contains mild spoilers for Andor based only on trailers and promotional materials. Like 2018’s prequel film Solo, it’s confusing why Cassian Andor needs a series-length backstory considering the conclusion of 2016’s Rogue One: A Star Wars...

OpinionsLeanna Bressan

Review: Wednesday

Netflix revives a story that started over five years ago, the story of Wednesday Addams. The beloved member of the Addams family has given fans a sense of hope for unconventional people throughout decades. The character of Wednesday defies the usual sisterly role...

OpinionsMya Colwell

Final thoughts: Yes-sayers

The problem with being a pathological people-pleaser is that you realize you’ve been lied to your entire life. Sure, there are other problems — stress, neglecting your own needs, burnout, spiraling existential crises — but nothing cuts quite as deep as realizing...

OpinionsJason Husak

Review: The Bear

With Amazon’s Lord of the Rings show, Star Wars’ Andor, and HBO’s House of the Dragon, it’s becoming harder to find quality shows that aren’t already part of a shared universe. However, FX — now integrated through Disney+ Star — has consistently delivered quality...

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