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The science of sex returns

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Events | 0 comments

The Telus World of Science is bringing back one of their favourite Dark Matters events, Science of Sex. I got to speak with one of their staff scientists, Marie McConnell, who told me all about the upcoming event. 

She describes Science of Sex as “an opportunity to learn all about sex in its various definitions and its various forms across not just human sexuality or human sexual reproduction, but also the animal kingdom and plant kingdoms and all of its various definitions.” 

McConnell continued to say, “what’s really cool about the Science of Sex is that we bring in experts who are so used to talking about their fields that there is no more taboo. They will tell you all of the things; they’re not offended by any question. And we also tackle it from a bit of a scientific perspective, which takes away a lot of that nerve, and makes it much easier to talk about the questions you have about reproduction, human sexuality, kink, or all of the many things.”

Attendees have a lot to look forward to with the incredible guest speakers at the event.  MacEwan University professor of psychology, Dr. Lynne Honey, will talk about the psychology of dating in her presentation, “Love in the time of COVID: Single and ready to mingle stay home.” 

Another guest speaker, Dr. Theresa J. McCallum, is a Leduc-based urologist. McConnell told me that Dr. McCullum is mixing with something new in her practice and will be talking all about penises at this event. 

Finally, the “untouchable tease,” Violette Coquette of House of Hush Burlesque, will give her presentation “The Science of Striptease: The power of small, absurdly delightful moments of connection.” There will also be a performance that is sure to delight. 

Telus World of Science wants to make this event as fun as possible, of course. In planning Science of Sex, they pinpointed what people’s favourite portions of the in-person event were and are doing their best to transfer that to an online platform. Attendees can expect to have the opportunity to engage with the speakers and the event through trivia and other secret activities they have planned. 

The event is on Feb. 20 and officially runs from 8 to 9:30 p.m., but there will be a happy hour with music from DJ Thomas Culture so people can jam out and have fun before the event begins. McConnell also recommends staying to the very end as there will be an opportunity to do a Q&A session with the guest speakers. The Travelling Tickle Trunk, the supporting sponsor for Science of Sex, will also be available for a Q&A. They will be at the store so attendees can ask questions about specific merchandise. McConnell says, “they’re really excited to be able to tell people more about how to make good decisions when you’re shopping for toys.”

To attend the event, participants need to get tickets, which can be purchased online for $15, and have access to a web browser. The event will be hosted through Zoom so participants can attend using a computer or mobile device.

Image courtesy of Telus World of Science.

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