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Student clubs offer something for everyone

by | Sep 25, 2015 | Campus | 0 comments

Looking to meet new friends, develop new skills, or just have some fun this year at MacEwan? If so, be sure to attend the only event where people will be discussing League of Legends, fine arts, investments, and hula hooping, all in the same room.

Club Days is a fantastic time to discover a club or two to be a part of. There is no shortage of interesting clubs waiting for more enthusiastic and interested people to nurture great communities and friendships. According to Maureen Workman, clubs manager at the Students’ Association of MacEwan University (SAMU), there are 95 clubs and counting. Plus, with the addition of new clubs such as the Hip-Hop Club and the Chinese Bible Study Club, there are groups for almost any interest.

Outside of exploring new interests, there are many other great reasons to join a club. “I think that the key factors for me would be an opportunity to meet new people, a safe place to be yourself and practice new skills, and my final one would be that student clubs bring attention to issues that affect students and the MacEwan community at large,” says Workman.

Clubs can help students grow in many different areas, whether they gain professional insight from the Human Resources Management Student Society, public speaking and acting skills from the Improv Club, and even improved language skills in one of the many language-based clubs such as the Korean Club or the French Social and Culture Club.

Many of these clubs act as doors into new and interesting subjects that you may have had in mind, but have never had an opportunity to explore. Friendly club executives devote their time and passion to a club that is important to them and important to other students that want to meet up and grow together.

On top of that, students involved in clubs will have much to look forward to in the proposed SAMU building, will supply much more space for clubs to operate and run events, according to Workman. Whatever interests you may have, there’s a club for you at Club Days, the beginning of great possibilities.

Club Days runs Sept. 23-25.

For a list of all clubs, please visit:

Thai Sirikoone

The Griff


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