How-toIshita Verma

How-to: compost

As spring approaches so does the feeling of being greener, or in this case, muddier. Composting is the simplest and the most useful way to reduce household waste, and the resulting soil conditioner will add nutrients to your plants. A good compost has the perfect...

How-toEmily Campbell


For most students, by the time February comes around, we aren’t really worried about looking our best. It’s midterm season, baby! Time for the iconic MacEwan University hoodie, sweatpants or leggings, and a pair of grungey Converse sneakers. And that’s fair enough...

How-toMilo Knauer

How-to: Meditate

As modern humans, our days are overloaded with stimulation. Notifications vibrating our pockets every couple minutes, Facebook updating us on the relationship statuses of ex-partners, constant updates on the news of war and gore. How are we supposed to catch a...

How-toLydia Fleming

How-to: Stop sleeping in

October is here and the Fall semester is in full swing. We’re all feeling pretty comfortable about where we sit in the semester — finals are months away, you’ve figured out your schedule, and the stress of midterms has yet to sink in. Easing into the semester can...

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