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Category: Culture

Final Thoughts: What’s in our names?

For a city that’s constantly on the verge of defining itself, things aren’t getting any clearer. Spurred by the violence in Charlottesville, an anti-racism rally at the Alberta Legislature in August saw protesters calling on the City of Edmonton to

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The real horror of Halloween

When did Halloween costumes start to suck so much? Nowadays, it’s tough to choose a funny, unique costume without offending someone. But that’s a good thing, isn’t it? Just like choosing what you believe in and what you say every

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Freedom of choice

On Feb. 27, 2017, MacEwan University took a big step in creating a more inclusive environment. Changes announced that day over mymacewan email accounts now make it much easier for students, faculty, and staff to update their preferred name and

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War of Possession

  A war instigated by the “owner” of the blackest black and his envious peers has resumed in the art community. British artist Anish Kapoor has been holding exclusive rights to the Vantablack pigment, originally invented for scientific uses, since

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Digging down to the roots of the music industry

Whether they’re a solo act or part of a band, most musicians want the same thing — for their music to be heard. A successful music career, however, requires the same foundations and building blocks as any other business venture.

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Everybody’s a critic

The position of the trusted tastemaker in deciding whether films are quality material or mindless drivel is one that is slowly but surely collapsing across the board. Or rather, it’s the position of the sole tastemaker that is becoming muted

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Is it CanCon?

Imagine you’re a musician who was born and raised in Canada. Imagine you put out an album chock full of Canadian collaborators. Imagine the album’s first single gets to no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Certainly, the Canadian Radio

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MacEwan CFAC bands funk up the Needle

What are Sunday mornings for? The obvious answer is trying to piece together what happened Saturday night over brunch and mimosas, duh. So why not do it accompanied by some local music? On Nov. 20, two bands hailing from that

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Feminism’s road to becoming mainstream

Whether they happen in the comments section of a Facebook post or in a heated classroom discussion, debates about equality (and specifically feminism) seem to be becoming more commonplace. Feminism is conventionally understood as a social justice movement that works

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Getting a fair shake

The justice system in Alberta is similar to many institutions in that critics think it looks at the actions of individuals over the individuals themselves. If a system is built to punish those who choose to commit an action against the

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